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Fact: A trained user is 6x faster than an untrained user.
Fact: Most users only know 10% of the capabilities of a program. 

Training is the best way to invest in your business and your employees. The well-trained staff executes tasks 6 times more efficiently than untrained staff.

Office Productivity, Soft skills, Team building

We have the capability to deliver the training content your business needs to best accomplish critical tasks. Let us show you how it works.


  • Review of our lead trainer, "One cool dude who knows his stuff and is easy to work with." 
    Irv R.
  • Review of our lead trainer, "Raij,is the guy, use him for your work, fast, easy to talk to, can turn concept into your dreams or goals, with your work, I would highly recommend him, I don't think you can find someone better,"

    George D
  • Various comments on our soft skills & productivity trainer. "Al presented the information in a clear and understandable manner." "Al is great! very thorough and knowledgeable."
    Government employees

Instructor Led Training Onsite

Simply the best solution for your staff

We come to your training room / location.  An instructor arrives with books (and projector) ready to work with your staff. We prefer classes of 6 or more users for our standard classroom setting. We can customize classes to any size and content for a small additional fee.

Instructor Led Training Online

Simply the best solution for remote/distance or less than full day training

We set up an online webinar with a live instructor or, optionally, prerecorded content with a live instructor available after for live answers to attendee questions.

Computer Based + Live Blend

Cost Effective Solution with Live Instructor Q&A

A blended program using pre-recorded class curriculum content with Instructors available to answer questions after completing previously completed CBT programs. **

White Glove Training for Executives

The Executive Solution

One-to-One or specialized small group training for executives and upper level managment. Learn the skills you need to do your best presence and learn what your staff can do for you.


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